Here’s What You Need to Complete Your Makeup Starter Kit!

Makeup Starter Kit

If you’re a beginner when it comes to makeup, here is a list of products you’ll need to complete your kit. These products are completely affordable, & because you’re just starting out, the majority of these are drugstore products that work just as great as any high end prouduct!

  1. Every girl needs a cute makeup bag. Am I right? Mine is from Forever 21. Of course the ‘A’ caught my attention. ‘A’ for Adanna!
    Makeup Starter Kit
    Makeup bag from Forever 21

    2. Foundations are great but, ever since I started using the Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream, I feel like it does just as good of a job! The coverage is absolutely amazing & it has amazing benefits for your skin.

    Makeup Starter Kit
    Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream

    3. You’ll fall inlove with press powders from the Covergirl Queen Collection and ELF!


    Makeup Starter Kit

    4. If you plan on applying foundation, powder, eye shadow etc, you’re going need a brush set. I love my Naked 3 Brush Set!

    Makeup Starter Kit
    Naked 3 Brush Set

    5.  If you plan on filling in your eyebrows, I highly recommend the elf Eyebrow Kit.Makeup Starter Kit


    6. This eye shadow palette from elf comes with a variety of colors as well as blushes and bronzers!Makeup Starter Kit

    7. This felt-tip liquid eyeliner is great for those of you with shaky hands! You’ll definitely have more control for the perfect winged look.Makeup Starter Kit 8. You’re obviously going to have to complete your look with the perfect lippie! So make sure you rack up on your favorite, lip glosses & lipsticks.Makeup Starter Kit





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