How to Manifest the Life You Want

LAW OF ATTRACTION Have you ever had a long streak of positive energy and found that everything seemed to work in your favor? Maybe you found money on the ground, or maybe you got a chance at a wonderful opportunity. I’m sure a little voice inside you told you that you were on a lucky […]

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All About Hair Porosity

I’ve always had a problem with retaining moisture and I thought I could resolve this problem by just using hair lotions. It was not until I learned about hair porosity that I realized why it is that it’s easy for my hair to absorb moisture but hard for my hair to retain it. It was also […]

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Get Clear Skin Overnight!

get clear skin overnight

Anytime I breakout, it completely ruins my mood and the worst part about it is that I get left with blemishes. So, I can only imagine how those of you who suffer from the same thing feel! Through trial and error, I was able to come up with a regimen that helps me, and that […]

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