Coachella Vibesss

Oh, what I’d give to be in Palm Springs right now enjoying the bomb ass music festival we all know as Coachella! Yup, it’s that time of year again. If you’re there, that’s great. Please enjoy and have as much fun as you can for the both of us, while I’m stuck in Texas getting […]

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Natural Hair Hacks

natural hair hacks

Disclaimer: Remember, everyone’s hair is different. What works for one’s hair might not work for yours. With trial and error, you will figure it out. Be patient and enjoy the journey. Your hair needs moisture in order to grow. If you feel like your hair isn’t growing, believe it or not, that’s not even the […]

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Hair Porosity: How to Keep High and Low Porosity Hair Moisturized

How to treat low and high porosity hair

As I have explained to you in All About Hair Porosity, having high porosity hair means that moisture gets absorbed quickly but it is extremely hard for your hair to retain it. Low porosity hair means that your hair’s cuticles lay flat, so your hair resists moisture. I also taught you how to test your […]

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How to Manifest the Life You Want

LAW OF ATTRACTION Have you ever had a long streak of positive energy and found that everything seemed to work in your favor? Maybe you found money on the ground, or maybe you got a chance at a wonderful opportunity. I’m sure a little voice inside you told you that you were on a lucky […]

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All About Hair Porosity

I’ve always had a problem with retaining moisture and I thought I could resolve this problem by just using hair lotions. It was not until I learned about hair porosity that I realized why it is that it’s easy for my hair to absorb moisture but hard for my hair to retain it. It was also […]

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Get Clear Skin Overnight!

get clear skin overnight

Anytime I breakout, it completely ruins my mood and the worst part about it is that I get left with blemishes. So, I can only imagine how those of you who suffer from the same thing feel! Through trial and error, I was able to come up with a regimen that helps me, and that […]

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5 Steps That Will Guarantee You a Better Day


I strongly believe that the way you start off your day determines how the rest of your day will go. The energy you put out is the same energy you will receive. I’m pretty sure that everyone wants to have a great day, but it takes more than wanting. You have to demand it and […]

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