How to Grow Your Edges Back | Sister to Sista

Girl, I know what it feels like to have thinned out edges! I know what it’s like to constantly have to style your hair to cover it up and how annoying that can be. I’ve been there. Through out my natural hair journey, I’ve learned how to better care for my hair and my edges. […]

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Natural Hair Hacks

natural hair hacks

Disclaimer: Remember, everyone’s hair is different. What works for one’s hair might not work for yours. With trial and error, you will figure it out. Be patient and enjoy the journey. Your hair needs moisture in order to grow. If you feel like your hair isn’t growing, believe it or not, that’s not even the […]

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Hair Porosity: How to Keep High and Low Porosity Hair Moisturized

How to treat low and high porosity hair

As I have explained to you in All About Hair Porosity, having high porosity hair means that moisture gets absorbed quickly but it is extremely hard for your hair to retain it. Low porosity hair means that your hair’s cuticles lay flat, so your hair resists moisture. I also taught you how to test your […]

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All About Hair Porosity

I’ve always had a problem with retaining moisture and I thought I could resolve this problem by just using hair lotions. It was not until I learned about hair porosity that I realized why it is that it’s easy for my hair to absorb moisture but hard for my hair to retain it. It was also […]

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Why Does My Hair Shed !?

Why Does My Hair Shed ?!!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Every day we learn something new. A lot of what I share with you guys comes from my own knowledge and what I’ve discovered on my own through trial and error. Although I usually go based off of what I know, I still like to do some research, just to […]

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4 Techniques That Will Stretch Your Hair & Show Off Your Length!

Braid-outs/Twist-outs: I love this method. Personally, I usually tend to go with the braid-out. It leaves me with a really beautiful and defined curl pattern. This is definitely a great way to stretch out your hair if you have a lot of shrinkage Flat-Twists: This is a great method. If done right, you’ll be left […]

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Deep Condition

The Benefits of Deep Conditioning Your Hair Deep conditioning your hair will restore that bounce and prevent your hair from being dry and brittle. Shine/Luster- Deep conditioning your hair will definitely add luster. If you find that your hair sometimes tends to be dry, consider deep conditioning your hair once a week or every other […]

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